future thinking

Futures Thinking is a method for informed reflection on the major changes that will occur in the next 10, 20 or more years in all areas of social life. Futures Thinking uses a multidisciplinary approach to pierce the veil of received opinion and identify the dynamics that are creating the future. We do a research on signals that might give us an indication of something that might happen, and when we combine those signals we can predict how some things might evolve in the future. Anticipating to those things that might happen, makes business "future proof".

The best way to design a future is to speculate on it, as science fiction does, imagining scenarios that could become possible, and gradually arriving at them. Or haven't we´ve already seen a lot of what is happening today in cartoons, comics, or science fiction movies? autonomous cars, robots that clean the house, video calls, machines that give us all the answers, and many others... does it sounds familiar?

How to Future Think?

Future thinking is a process that involves different stages to proper speculate, and therefore react or design to prevent or build the future we want. I´l try to define the process in a simple way, but there is a lot more behind this. (DEVELOPMENT IN PROCESS)



Select the subject or theme of which you would like to future think of: foods, environment, gaming, social distance, work, machines... etc...



Analyze the past and the evolution of this subject until nowadays. Look for facts that have shaped the change of this subject to what it is today.


Signals Research

Identify different signals related to everything that could affect your subject... trends, packaging, distribution, resources, consumer habits, policies, etc...


Future Speculation

Relate this signals between them, and try to speculate about how the future could be... think about probable, plausible and possible futures.



Keep in mind the wild-cards... like Covid-19. Take a chance to think always about the worst case scenarios.



Plan your actions according to the future you would like to have, but keeping in mind all the posible things that could happen.

future speculative videos

Future thinking is not just a methodology, is also a mindset, so here are some speculative videos I´ve created as works in my master, but that will give you the idea of some things that I think might happen in the future.

let me in

"Let Me In"

Imagine a future in which global warming has destroyed more than half of our planet, resources have run out in certain places, and part of civilization creates a new community in a utopian place where there are still resources and nature. A place that everyone wants to go, but not everyone can enter, as the only way to be accepted is to have a carbon-negative lifestyle.


Fake News Investigators

Imagine a future in which we have a police department or investigators dedicated solely to combating fake news, one of the biggest misinformation problems of our time. A future in which through an application you can check if certain news, meme, or post is true or false. Some governments are already cracking down on it but they will surely intensify more and more, possibly to this speculative future with Fake News Investigators.



Imagine a future 100 years from now in which our abuse of the earth's resources has caused the polarities of the world to reverse, thus making our planet unlivable. Imagine that we had to live on floating islands on our planet, islands interconnected with food production systems and resources controlled by artificial intelligence, which guarantees equitable distribution of them, a balanced system that, if disturbed, would collapse, ending with what's left of humanity.

Educative policys

Education for a better living

Imagine a future in which global governments agree to generate new laws in favor of humanity in which the teaching of sustainability and technology knowledge at schools are mandatory, as a way to prolong life on our planet, and close the knowledge gap between rural and urban people, thus promoting a more equitable life.

Speculative objects

The Power Of Sound

The concert industry is becoming less and less sustainable, due to the amount of energy used, the number of airplane flights, wasted promotional material, and so on. Some artists like Coldplay are already trying to make their concerts more and more sustainable, transporting themselves in different media, or reducing the amount of equipment and energy use in their show. So we speculate on a device that uses vibrations from concert sound to produce energy.

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